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Further CFS Resources

The work involved in organising Celebrating Cicely, and particularly in writing the commemorative booklet (see Home page), included access to significant bodies of work available on the internet. For those interested in further research, we offer various links below:

• The National Maritime Museum Archive Catalogue
A selection of Cicely’s papers were presented by her sister, Miss M Smith in 1956. They consist of some manuscript material including logs of three East India merchant ships 1851 to 1854; a number of letters and photographs which she received from various correspondents; and a few articles and newspaper cuttings; there are also letters relating to the restoration of the VICTORY, 1920 to 1929. The collection has some useful materials for the study of the sailing ship, four copies of a signed photograph of Fox Smith as a young girl and letters from H M Treasury regarding her civil list pension. To view the list of material available click here.

• British Newspaper Archive
Various copy relating to CFS e.g. 'Girl Poet Discovered' (January 1899), poems, stories, letter, father’s obituary, political report, book reviews and notices, articles, events etc. Again for a list of relevant material click here.

• The Times Literary Supplement
Copies of eleven book reviews written by CFS (click on the appropriate title to see the review): By Thames and Kennet (October 1932); In Finnish Waters (October 1932); Days of Endeavour (October 1932); Deep Water and Shoal (November 1932); Bowsprit Ashore (November 1932); Adventures and Perils (November 1932); Shell-Backs and Beachcombers (April 1933); Log of a Limejuicer (October 1934); The Mersey (October 1944); Hampshire Smugglers (October 1944); and Inland Voyage: Along the English Canals (December 1944).

• Punch Archive
For information about Cicely's work in Punch click here. To access any of the items from the Punch archive click here.

• The Spectator Archive
For a list of references to Cicely Fox Smith in The Spectator archive click here.

• This England and Evergreen
Two pieces by Cicely Fox Smith appeared in This England and Evergreen. To see the relevant piece, click on the appropriate link: Autumn 1983 ‘Going Home Together’ (‘Homeward’ unattributed to CFS!); Spring 1984 ‘April England’ by Cicely Fox Smith

• Seafarer’s Society
Postings on ‘Sailor Town Days’ October/December 2013. Again for a list of relevant material click here.

• ‘Joseph Conrad’s Tribute to Cicely Fox Smith’
A detailed article researched by Melanie Henrywood in May 2014. To read the article click here.


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