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Enoch & Edward Wood

Enoch & Edward Wood are listed at Fountain Place, Burslem in  just one directory dated 1841. The history of the Wood firms is complex and this appears to be a short-lived partnership (or trading name) which is not listed by Godden. The Fountain House address was previously in the name of Wood & Caldwell (listed in 1818), then Enoch Wood & Sons (1822 to 1835), and subsequently Enoch Wood alone (1846). The partnership name has been recorded marked only on one relief-moulded jug.

Stag (not titled)
Design not published or registered. The same jug was made by several other potters including Samuel Alcock & Co., Cork & Edge, Stephen Hughes & Co., T.J. & J. Mayer, the South Wales Pottery, and the so-called Chrysanthemum Factory.
Marks: impressed "E. & E. WOOD, / BURSLEM"
Illustrations: Hughes 2/33


Credits: Ken Carter