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T.J. & J. Mayer

Thomas & John Mayer are listed at Dale Hall, in a directory for 1841, but they were soon joined by their brother Jos (not an abbreviation) and are then listed from 1846 through to 1856. Godden gives their dates as 1843 to 1855.

They produced a number of relief-moulded jugs from 1845 through to the mid-1850s. At least nine different jug designs are known and although the Mayers do not seem to have titled any of them, they did use a numbering system which covered most of them togther with related wares. The numbers appear as part of the marks and indicate not only the main design but also variations in colouring. Those recorded to date include:

Number Design Colour
12 Rossi Plain blue
14 Oak Plain blue
16 Apostle Plain white; Plain blue
29 Birdsnesting Plain white; white with coloured moulding
34 Cherubs White with coloured moulding
35 Cherubs Blue ground
Not known Cherubs Olive ground (teapot)
Not known Cherubs Blue ground (spill vase)
37 Birdsnesting Blue ground
38 Birdsnesting Brown ground
39 Rossi (variant) White, blue ground to neck
42 Convolvulus White with multicolour moulding
43 Convolvulus Blue ground
45 Convolvulus White with turquoise and blue moulding
46 Convolvulus White, khaki ground, turquoise moulding
47 Convolvulus White with blue moulding
50 Convolvulus Brown ground
53 Convolvulus Blue ground, turquoise detailing
56 Birdsnesting Dark brown ground
58 Birdsnesting Green ground
73 Cherubs 2 Dark pink ground (covered bowl)
76 Cherubs Pink ground (spill vase)
86 Birdsnesting Dark pink ground
96 Paul and Virginia Plain white
97 Paul and Virginia Blue ground
98 Paul and Virginia Dark pink ground
99 Paul and Virginia Green ground
101 Paul and Virginia Turquoise ground
102 Paul and Virginia Brown ground
116 Grapevine Blue ground (note: dessert wares, not a jug)
188 Foliage Plain white
No number Apostle Plain blue
No number Rossi Plain green, or blue ground to neck
No number Stag  

Designs by name:

Apostle (not titled)
Design registered on 29 September 1846, Parcel 3, Number 37586, by T.J. & J. Mayer of Longport.
Numbers: 16

Birdsnesting (not titled)
Design registered on 2 July 1850, Parcel 2, Number 70088, by T.J. & J. Mayer of Longport.
Numbers: 29, 37, 38, 56, 58, 86


Cherubs (not titled)
Design not registered.
Numbers: 34, 35, 76
(teapot, mustard pot and blue spill vase not numbered)



Cherubs 2 (not titled)
Design not registered.
Numbers: 73

Convolvulus (not titled)
Design registered on 19 December 1850, Parcel 6, Number 74786 by T.J. & J. Mayer of Longport.
Numbers: 42, 43, 45, 46, 47, 50, 53

Foliage (not titled)
Design not registered.
Numbers: 188
Grapevine (not titled)
Design not registered.
Numbers: 116
Oak (not titled)
Design not registered.
Numbers: 14

Paul and Virginia (not titled)
Design registered on 2 July 1850, Parcel 2, Number 70088, by T.J. & J. Mayer of Longport.
Numbers: 96-99, 101, 102

The source for one side has been identified as a painting by Henri Frédéric Schopin, originally engraved by Eugène Pontus Jazet but subsequently copied by Smyth for The Illustrated London News, 20 April 1844.

Rossi (not titled)
Design registered on 21 January 1845 , Parcel 6, Number 25199, by T.J. & J. Mayer of Longport. There are two variants of the design with different moulding around the neck and different handles.
Numbers: 12, 39

Stag (not titled)
Design not registered.
Not numbered

The same design, based on Ridgway's Eglinton jug but with deer rather than jousting knghts, was made by Samuel Alcock & Co., Cork & Edge, Stephen Hughes & Co., the South Wales Pottery, E. & E. Wood, and the unidentified Chrysanthemum factory.


Example marks:

Early printed mark Royal arms mark Prize Medal Mark Early moulded model/size mark Later moulded model/size mark


Credits: Lorna Batchelor; Adam Brock; Ros King; Maria Kultys; Guy Loveday; Jim McAuliffe; Stephen McMaster; Philip Mernick; Patrick Rowe; Chris Stoker; Wendy Wallace Johnson; Wikimedia Commons; Dreweatt Neate, Newbury.

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