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South Wales Pottery

The South Wales Pottery at Llanelly is described in detail by Gareth Hughes and Robert Pugh in their book Llanelly Pottery. Godden gives the dates as c.1839-58. The firm was succeeded by Holland & Guest but the South Wales Pottery marks appear to have been discontinued.

As far as moulded wares are concerned, they produced a copy of the ubiquitous Stag jug, and a teapot titled "Prince Albert", both of which are known with impressed South Wales Pottery marks. They may also have made a copy of the Hanging Game jug, but that remains unconfirmed.

Stag (not titled)
Design not registered.
Marks: impressed "SOUTH WALES / POTTERY"
Illustrations: Hughes & Pugh 51

"Prince Albert" (not titled)
Design not registered. Only recorded to date as a teapot. It appeared amongst the Cork & Edge exhibits at the 1855 Paris Universal Exhibition.
Marks: moulded title cartouche; also impressed "SOUTH WALES / POTTERY" (uncommon)
Illustrations: Hughes & Pugh 44


Credits: Anonymous; Robert Pugh