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William Stubbs & Co.

William Stubbs is listed at various addresses in Shelton and Hanley in directories between 1850 and 1892. He was previously listed as a partner in Stubbs & Walker, Hanley, in 1846. An advertisement in 1861 mentions "metal top jugs". At no stage is there any mention of an "& Co." partnership. Strangely enough, despite its longevity, the firm is not listed by Godden.

Only one marked jug has been recorded, a copy of the relatively common Idle Apprentices jug which was probably made by other potters, certainly including John Ellis of Bristol.

Idle Apprentices (not titled)
Design not registered. Another marked example is recorded by John Ellis of Bristol.
Marks: impressed "W. Stubbs & Co"
Illustrations: Hughes 2/35 (unmarked)

Credits: Alex Inglis