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Published Designs

Publication marks date from an Act of Parliament of 1798 which was passed “for encouraging the art of making new models and casts of busts, and other things therein mentioned”. The purpose was to provide designers with protection against their works being copied and it seems to have been directed predominantly at sculptors. However, the provisions covered any cast, and hence moulded, object decorated with human or animal figures and some makers of moulded jugs marked their wares in such a way as to claim the available protection. The original act of 1798 granted protection for fourteen years but a second act was passed in 1814 to make the provisions more effective. Amongst other changes, this allowed the original designer a further fourteen years protection.


The wording of publication marks on ceramics follows a fairly standard format which was dictated by the act. Its first use on moulded jugs came in 1834, and although it was effectively superseded by the registration system of 1842, some makers, particularly Ridgway & Abington, continued to use the system well into the 1850s. The following list includes all recorded publication marks related to relief-moulded jugs, some of which, featuring no human or animal figures, would seem not to qualify!

Date Manufacturer Design
20 June 1834 Machin & Potts, Burslem “Burns”
1 October 1835 William Ridgway & Co., Hanley Tam O’Shanter (not titled) Note 1
1 September 1838 Elijah Jones, Cobridge Coral (not titled)
1 September 1838 Elijah Jones, Cobridge Vertical Leaves (not titled) Note 2
1 November 1839 Charles Meigh, Hanley “Julius Caesar” or "Albion"
1 July 1840 Elijah Jones, Cobridge “Basket”
1 July 1840 Elijah Jones, Cobridge “Elizabethan”
1 September 1840 William Ridgway, Son & Co., Hanley Eglinton (not titled)
1 October 1840 Charles Meigh, Hanley “Roman”
1 January 1841 Wood & Brownfield, Cobridge Willie Brew'd a Peck o' Maut (not titled)
1 January 1841 Wood & Brownfield, Cobridge Vertical Hops (not titled)
30 September 1841 Wood & Brownfield, Cobridge Judgment of Solomon (not titled)
1 November 1841 Jones & Walley, Cobridge “Good Samaritan”
17 March 1842 Charles Meigh, Hanley Apostle (not titled) Note 3
1 July 1842 Jones & Walley, Cobridge “Gipsey” Note 4
1 July 1842 Samuel Alcock & Co., Burslem Gipsy (not titled) Note 4
May 1849 Edward Walley, Cobridge "Hecate”
1 January 1853 Ridgway & Abington, Hanley Uncle Tom’s Cabin (not titled)
1 January 1855 Ridgway & Abington, Hanley Dunmow Flitch (not titled)
1 August 1855 Ridgway & Abington, Hanley Three Soldiers (not titled)
1 January 1858 Ridgway & Abington, Hanley Moses (not titled)

1.         The William Ridgway & Co. 1835 mark was used on variants with linenfold or no surface moulding. It is also found on several other later designs, and was almost certainly used into the early 20th century. the word “England” sometimes appearing.
2.         The year of the Vertical Leaves jug is unclear.
3.         The Charles Meigh Apostle jug is found with wording “Published” or “Registered” although the registration system did not come into effect until later in 1842. The mark is also found on the untitled Gothic Windows variant.
4.         The 1842 Gipsy design was jointly published by Jones & Walley and Alcock. Jones & Walley jugs are titled “Gipsey” and potted in stoneware. The Alcock jugs are not titled and are usually, but not always, in parian.

Credits: Max Beaumont Fine Art & Consultancy; Ken Carter; Phil Mernick