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Machin & Potts

The history of the various Machin firms is complicated but Machin & Potts are listed at the Waterloo Potteries in Burslem in directories of 1834 and 1835. Godden gives the dates as 1833-37, although he later notes that the partnership was dissolved on 15 October 1838. Full details can be found in Thom & Miller's Machin Porcelains and Earthenwares.

The Machin firms are possibly best known as manufacturers of china but they did make some earthenwares including just one relief-moulded jug, published in 1834. A recently unearthed surviving pattern book suggests that they were responsible for the range of sprigged and moulded wares marked "Imperial Stone" but they are listed separately on this website (click here).

Design published on 20 June 1834 by Machin & Potts of Burslem. The title appears on the sprigged bust beneath the spout.
Marks: moulded panel “PUBLISHED / AS THE ACT DIRECTS, / June 20th, 1834, by / Machin & Potts, / BURSLEM, STAFFORDSHIRE”
Illustrations: Henrywood RMJ/36-39; Hughes 1/22; Rumsey 158; Thom & Miller p.79

The source for the two scenes has been identified as an edition of the Tam O'Shanter poem published by Marsh & Miller in 1830.

The two engravings are by Bonner and J. Thompson after Thomas Landseer. The handle uses a tailpiece engraving from the same volume. The well-known William Ridgway & Co. jug on the Tam O'Shanter theme used the same source.

Credits: Max Beaumont Fine Art & Consultancy; Burns Cottage, Alloway