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Coloured Jugs

The majority of relief-moulded jugs are potted in plain white or coloured stoneware or parian, sometimes enhanced by either a coloured background or the moulding picked out in some way in one or two colours. Every so often a jug turns up which is heavily coloured and a selection are shown below. Some are completely original whereas the majority are coloured versions of well known designs. Details of the uncoloured basic design can be found on the relevant page by clicking on the maker's name. Some of these coloured jugs would have been made by the original maker, possibly as optional luxury versions, but the point must be made that some, if not many, might have been coloured outside the factory. Some examples are also clearly later copies.

Animal Hunting (not titled)
A coloured example of the Ridgway version of the Animal Hunting jug. This is almost certainly a later copy although it does bear an interesting incised mark.
Mark: incised "Richard Leach, Stockton upon Tees"

Boar and Stag Hunt (not titled)
Although still made at the Mason factory, this coloured jug is an early 20th century reproduction.
Marks: printed crown and drape mark with addition of "ENGLAND"

Cherubs (not titled)
A jug design known to have been made by Worthington & Green and Bradbury, Anderson & Bettany.
Illustrations: Hughes 2/70 (Bradbury, Anderson & Bettany)

Dandies (not titled)
An early jug by an unknown maker which has not yet been recorded other than coloured. The two couples are clearly a dandy and his dandizette.
Illustrations: none

"Garibaldi, the Italian Patriotic Jug"
Two different "Garibaldi" jugs by unknown makers with colourful highlights. The design is known in parian by Copestake Brothers and by Cork & Edge but unattributed earthenware and stoneware versions are found. The quality, or lack of it, of the second example suggests a later reproduction.
A "Gipsey" jug by Jones & Walley with colourful highlights. Clearly marked with the usual scroll publication mark for 1 July 1842.
Gipsy (not titled)
A Gipsy jug by Samuel Alcock & Co. with extensive colouring and gilding. Clearly marked with Alcock's usual scroll publication mark for 1 July 1842.
Miser and Spendthrift (not titled)
A Miser and Spendthrift jug by an unknown maker. Several variants of the design are known and this may be a later issue with the added colouring. Unmarked.
Paul and Virginia (not titled)
A Paul and Virginia jug by an unknown maker, normally found moulded in grey stoneware or white parian but this example wth pastel colouring. Unmarked.
St. Peter and the Holy Family (not titled)
A design by an unknown maker, found in plain stoneware and also brown salt-glaze. Unmarked.
Smith and Collier (not titled)
A jug not yet recorded elsewhere on this site.
Tulip (not titled)
A jug not yet recorded elsewhere on this site although the design appeared in the 1855 Exhibition catalogue by Cork & Edge. This coloured example is probably later and by some other maker.

William Tell (not titled)
A jug not yet recorded elsewhere on this site. The title is temporary.

A "Willie" jug by an unknown maker with colourful highlights. The design is normally by J.W. Pankhurst & Co. but the quality, or lack of it, of this example again suggests a later reproduction.

Credits: Lorna Batchelor; Cheryl Blevins; Barry Bliss; Rob & Deb Blount; Mel Bryan; David Durrant; Peter Griffiths; Stephen & Juliet Massie; Nanette Zupon Antiques; Bamfords Auctioneers & Valuers, Derby; Dreweatt-Neate, Newbury