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Folk at the Brewery

Summer 2016

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Hanlons' Half Hours: Thorn and Roses, Bill Crawford
Guest MC: Gideon Barrett
Craft theme: Bee-Keeping
Special guests: Great Western Morris

Thorn and Roses are a "Cream of Cornish Harmony" group. Rowena Metters, Sylvia Fletcher and Jinks Jenkin, joined forces through their mutual love of close harmony singing and perform both traditional and contemporary material. They have developed a style and presentation that has gained them quite a following in this country, with much interest from the Cornish communities of North America. 'One For All'
'Sea Coal'
'Depth of My Ego'
'I’ve Got to Get my Vespa Out'
'Sail Away Ladies'
'Asleep in the Sand'
Born and raised in Exeter, Bill Crawford was a founder member of the Exeter Folk Song Club, and has now been singing, compering and organising folk events for over 50 years. Appearing regularly at Sidmouth, Dartmoor and Chippenham festivals, he also sings with The Claque. His repertoire is mostly traditional West-country, drawn particularly from Baring-Gould and Sharp’s Somerset singers. 'Tally Ho, Hark Away!'
'The Egloshayle Ringers'
'The Rigs of the Time'
'Christmas is Now Drawing Near at Hand'
'The Painful Plough'
'Queen Eleanor’s Confession'
'Chicken on a Raft'
An incomparable compere, Cornishman Gideon Barrett makes an immense contribution through his energy, sense of fun and rich voice. Great company and larger than life, his performances always command attention, whether hilarious, boisterous, gentle or sensitive. Gideon was with Hanging Johnny for many years, has performed as one of the Kernow Buoys, and currently sings with Flash Jack. 'John Barleycorn'
'Hares on the Mountain'
Based in Exeter, Great Western Morris started in the late 1960s. Their dances are mostly based on styles Sharp collected from Leafield and Bampton in the Cotswolds. Historically, morris dancing was important as a source of income in hard agricultural times, so GW put on a show of performance morris – dancing with character, audience contact and high entertainment – while having fun, beer, and collecting money. Great Western performed a variety of Morris dances with sticks and handkerchiefs to an enthusiastic crowd outside the Brewery entrance. They liked the beer!
Bee-Keeping is an ancient craft with many benefits besides the production of honey and related products – health, pollination, education, preservation. The British Bee Keepers’ Association (Devon Branch est. 1875, registered charity) promotes both the craft and the importance of bees in the environment. Thanks to Steven and Cathy for their display from the Exeter Branch. Summer craft theme: Bee-Keeping

Floor performers:

Jackie Williams & Eileen Conn: 'Lavender’s Blue / Sweet Blooming Lavender'
Jon Shapley: 'Pinjarra Dreams'
Sylvia Watts: 'Blow the Candle Out'
Martyn Babb: 'Working Life'
Dave Hopkins: 'South Australia'
Flash Jack: 'We Are (Four) Jolly Fishermen'
Hugh Diamond: 'The Errant Apprentice'
Dave Lowry: 'The Old Man Can't Keep His Wife at Home'
Hazel Underwood: 'Asikatali (We Are the Children of Africa)'
Paul Metsers: 'Farewell to the Gold', 'The Rocks of Sailors’ Fate'
Joan Holloway: 'All the Good Times'
Nicola King & Ollie Holland: 'Come Write Me Down'
Alan Rosevear: 'The Bard' (Steve Thomason)
Roger Smith: 'He’s Got a Long Chain On'

Dick & Mellie Henrywood: 'Goodnight Song'

A selection of feedback comments received after the session:

"Magic Night"

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for last night, I thoroughly enjoyed it, Gids was brilliant and the chorus singing was excellent.  A good time was had by all! Thank you both for all your hard work in putting it together."

"I very much enjoyed the evening at Hanlons. Being someone who writes songs and sings only his own, I deliberately include bits for listeners to sing in them and love it when they do. But I wasn’t prepared for the 'reckless enthusiasm' which your club contributed to my “Farewell to the Gold”; in fact I was so gobsmacked by it I had difficulty in continuing! Nevertheless, it was hugely enjoyable - I loved it. I hope I have the opportunity to experience it again some time. Quite the best chorusing ever!"

"Lovely night again! Thanks for all your efforts and all the 'extras' which make the warm atmosphere."

"I just want to say how much I enjoyed the evening at Hanlon's brewery. It’s a great venue and I thoroughly enjoyed the high calibre performances of the singers and musicians. I shall certainly endeavour to come again, not least because it was so nice to meet up with everyone again."

"It all looks amazing and a great achievement. Very popular too."

"It was a great night, Gideon was brilliant!"

"Great night with bags of atmosphere, Thanks once again."

"Only problem you have with Hanlons is the hard benches, even with cushions."

"It was a great night and hopefully we’ll be able to sort out childcare for the next one. Good luck for all your future events."

"We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We very much appreciated the beer, it all went so smoothly, well done."

"It was a really good night and the turnout was good, so that's great."

"This was my first trip to the sessions at Hanlons. I thought it was a superb evening and a very refreshing change to the usual folk club. I think you are right to make it an occasional event. It keeps it special and allows that 'gathering of the tribes' feeling. I particularly liked the idea of a guest craft exhibitor. The chorus singing was stupendous. My companion had come to watch the Morris and had not been to a folk club before. What an introduction! My only suggestion would be a little more time for socialisation; perhaps two breaks or a longer one? I know it's a full programme but it's also a full house and a chance to move and get some air would be good. Incidentally I like the benches; good for togetherness. I don't think they are any more uncomfortable than some pub chairs I've encountered. Would be very pleased to sing at Hanlons!"

"Seems like a grand venue and a good venture. Thank you very much for asking me to MC; this would be fun and I’d be happy to!"

"Great Western Morris were fab. as ever. I don't know how they do it. It was a good night again, well done."

"It was a wonderful evening. Looking forward to the September get together."

"It was a good night, with some great singing."

"It was the first time we had been to Hanlons and we really enjoyed the singing, the atmosphere, and the Morris dancing."