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Folk at the Brewery

Autumn 2016

Tuesday 13th September 2016

Hanlons' Half Hours: Exmouth Shanty Men
Guest MC: Mike Warman
Craft theme: Country pottery from Harry Juniper


The Exmouth Shanty Men, described as Devon's "original buoy band" burst on to the folk scene in 2007 and are committed to keeping alive their home town and their nation's rich maritime heritage. They dress in period costume and have performed at clubs and festivals throughout the UK and Europe, including Banbury, Chippenham, Falmouth, Lichfield, Sidmouth, Warwick, Wadebridge, Weymouth and Wickham (England); Paimpol, Brest & Douarnenez (France); Oostende & Blankenberge (Belgium); Appingedam (Holland); Travemünde (Germany) and Krakow (Poland). They were given the Stan Hugill Award for the "most authentic shanties" at the respected Krakow International Shanty Festival. They have recorded 5 albums and gave us a "just sensational" performance with two Half-Hours at Hanlons. 'Randy Dandy O'
'Boney Was a Warrior'
'Chicken on a Raft'
'Bold Benjamin'
'Skipper Jan Rebek'
'Lowlands Away'
'Rio Grande'
'Pique la Baleine'
'Haul Away for Rosie'

'Blow the Man Down'
'Admiral Benbow'
'Rattling Winches'
'Candlelight Fisherman'
'Rolling Sea'
'Roll the Woodpile Down'
'One More Pull Boys'
'Go to Sea No More'
'Rolling Home'
'Row On, Row On'

Mike Warman lives in Cornwall and runs a song & music session at the Cross House Inn, Metherell, every 4th Saturday. He sings acapella and champions the briny genre. In 2014 Mike was instrumental in establishing a 'folk' memorial to sea-faring poet Cicely Fox Smith at the site of her grave in Bow, Mid-Devon. Congratulations to Mike who became grandfather to twins just after running this Autumn session at Hanlons! 'Bonnie Hawthorn'
'Country Life'
Harry Juniper has been potting for nearly seven decades with a book and DVD made to mark his 80th birthday ("Harry Juniper – A Country Potter"). He trained at the Bideford School of Art and his reputation quickly grew. He bought his shop in Ropewalk, Bideford, in 1983 and his family business (with daughter Susan and son Nick) has traded there ever since, recently supplemented by a small unit in the historic Pannier Market. The business thrives on traditional Devon slipware pottery, harvest jugs and in particular special commissions. Autumn craft theme: Country pottery from Harry Juniper

Floor performers:

Joan Holloway: 'Life’s Tapestry Canvas'
Dave Brassington & Dave Hubbard: 'Ladies’ Pleasure' (solo jig)
Dave Hopkins: 'Tavistock Goosey Fair'
Steve Gill: 'Mr Story-Teller'
Jane Snow: 'Skewbald'
Jon Shapley: 'Cobweb of Dreams'
Alan Rosevear: 'The Bold Grenadier'
Sylvia Watts: 'Cider for Me'
Colin Baker: 'The Happy Man'
Claire Proietti: 'Exmoor Hunt Song'
Paul Walker: 'Brave Dudley Boys'
Gideon Barrett: 'Shoals of Herring'
Roger Smith: 'I Saw Three Ships'
Dave Brassington: 'Fathom the Bowl'
Carole Henderson Begg: 'Tom Faggus'

Dick & Mellie Henrywood: 'Goodnight Song'

A selection of feedback comments received after the session:

"Great evening at Hanlons, I must admit I was dubious about two half-hours of shanties, but it worked well and they were very entertaining. Also it was good to see several new floor singers performing."

"Thanks for kind comments and for keeping records. I did enjoy the evening and I'm looking forward to the next."

"I thought the screen was lovely, and great sales for Harry."

"Thanks for the opportunity to MC a Hanlons evening. There does seem to be some prejudice to shanties as some singers expect a roaring (rather than a singing evening). I think The Exmouth Shantymen get past this by being entertaining and using humour, apart from singing well. I believe that lower numbers may in part stem from this. It was an enjoyable, if a different evening than usual. I was delighted to hear of the sales of Juniperware and am planning a special piece. The big screen was a success and added to the evening. All can claim to appear on the big screen!!"

"Thank you, I enjoyed it."

"It was a good evening. I will pass your thanks on. Future Tuesdays will be difficult for both of us as Tuesday night is Morris night."