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Wilkinson & Rickhuss
Wilkinson & Sons

Wilkinson & Rickhuss produced parian and succeeded Wilkinson, Rickhuss & Toft in Broad Street, Hanley, on  22 February 1856. They are listed in three directories for 1860-62. The firm then became Wilkinson & Sons, listed from 1863 to 1867. None of the partnerships are listed in Godden M but he does describe them briefly in his Encyclopaedia of British Porcelain Manufacturers. The partnerships registered two relief-moulded jugs, in 1857 and 1863.

Aquatic (not titled)
Design registered on 19 June 1857, Parcel 2, Number 110161, by Wilkinson & Rickhuss of Hanley.
Marks: moulded registration diamond
Illustrations: Godden Staffordshire Porcelain 670; Hughes 2/139 and 2/p.100
Not Yet Titled (not titled)
Design registered on 13 March 1863, Parcel 3, Number 160457, by Wilkinson & Sons of Hanley.
Marks: not yet known
Illustrations: Hughes 2/p.104

Credits: Howard Crane