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Thomas Till & Son(s)

Thomas Till & Son worked the Sytch Potttery in Burslem and the firm appears in directories from 1852 to 1861. Thereafter the style became "& Sons" and they are listed from 1862 into the 20th century. Godden gives their overall dates as c.1850 to 1928. The early firm registered three jug designs, in 1852 and 1854, and at least three other jug designs are known plus one teapot.

Classical Figures (not titled)
Design registered on 13 August 1852, Parcel 5, Number 86126, by Thomas Till & Son of Burslem.
Marks: printed registration diamond
Illustrations: Henrywood BJ/674

An unusual combination of a relief-moulded body supplemented with transfer printing.

David and Goliath (not titled)
Design registered on 3 June 1854, Parcel 2, Number 96003, by Thomas Till & Son of Burslem.
Marks: moulded registration diamond and impressed "TILL & SON"
Illustrations: Hughes 2/100 (with Design Registry drawing); Rumsey 211-13

Domestic Employment (not titled)
Design not registered.
Marks: impressed "TILL" or "TILL & SON" (in a curve); also sometimes printed royal arms with "IMPERIAL / IRONSTONE CHINA"

Flower Spiral (not titled)
Design registered on 1 April 1852, Parcel 1, Number 84541, by Thomas Till & Son of Burslem.
Illustrations: Hughes 2/p.98 (Design Registry engraving)
Music and Plenty (not titled)
Design not registered.
Marks: impressed "TILL & SON"
Illustrations: Hughes 2/110

Prodigal Son (not titled)
Design not registered.
Marks: impressed "TILL & SON" in a curve
Illustrations: Henrywood RMJ/241; Hughes 2/109

Jim McAuliffe has identified the source as a sculpture by William Theed the Elder. Till's modeller would have worked from a print, not the original sculpture, almost certainly the engraving by John H. Baker which appeared in the Art-Journal for 1 August 1851. Both the original sculpture and a parian copy by Copeland were exhibited at the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Running Ivy (not titled)
Teapot. Design not registered. Not yet recorded as a jug
Marks: impressed "TILL" in a curve
Illustrations: none


Credits: Pauline Cooper; Jim McAuliffe; Dreweatt-Neate, Newbury