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Anthony Scott (& Co.) (& Sons)
Scott Brothers (& Co.)

The Scott family ran the Southwick Pottery in Sunderland for much of the 19th century. Information on the various trading styles is confusing and information for potteries outside Staffordshire is often difficult to unearth. Godden list a whole range of styles split into five main periods, but the single name "Scott" could conceivably apply throughout.

Only one rare relief-moulded jug is recorded below, marked with a pad mark copied from a mark used by John & William Ridgway before about 1830, so that gives a reasonable probability for dating the jug. This page will be updated as and when more information becomes available.

Cupids and Figures (not titled)
Design not published or registered.
Marks: applied pad mark with name "Scott"
Illustrations: none

Credits: Steve Millington