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Hancock, Whittingham & Co.

Hancock, Whittingham & Co. succeeded Hancock, Leigh & Co. at the Swan Bank Pottery in Burslem and are listed in directories between 1863 and 1873. The style Hancock & Whittingham appears in 1870. Godden gives the partnership dates as 1863-72. It is not clear whether there was any connection with Beech & Hancock at the similarly named Swan Bank Pottery in Tunstall (listed separately on this site).

Only one relief-moulded jug has been recorded, registered in 1863.

Wheat and Flower (not titled)
Design registered on 12 August 1863, Parcel 4, Number 165171, by Hancock, Whittingham & Co. of Burslem.
Marks: printed registration diamond with maker's full name
Illustrations: none


Credits: Janet Edwards