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Hall & Read

Hall & Read are listed at Burslem in one directory for 1882 and at Hanley in 1882 and 1884. Godden gives their dates as 1882 to 1888.

Records to date extend to just one relief-moulded jug and one moulded teapot, both registered in 1883, although they did register a "teapot" in 1882.

Retriever (not titled)
Design registered on 22 February 1883, Parcel 6, Numbers 394556-61, by Hall & Read of Hanley.
Marks: moulded registration diamond
Illustrations: Henrywood BJ/466

Union Flowers (not titled)
Design registered on 17 October 1883, Parcel 6, Numbers 405467-68, by Hall & Read of Hanley. Only recorded to date as a teapot.
Marks: moulded registration diamond

Credits: Ken Carter; Robert Hawker