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Thomas Furnival & Co.
(Furnival & Clark)

Thomas Furnival & Co. potted at Miles Bank, Hanley, but appear in a single directory dated 1846. The partners are listed as Thomas Furnival and Richard B. Clarke. Godden gives their dates as c.1844-46 and refers to Furnival & Clark as their successors. They produced a single relief-moulded jug, registered in 1845 by Furnival & Clark.

Old King Cole (not titled)
Design registered on 30 December 1845, Parcel 3, Number 32601, by Furnival & Clark of Hanley.
Marks: applied registration diamond with initials T.F. & Co. and registered number
Illustrations: Hughes 1/53; Rumsey 170


Credits: Vitor Caneira (eBay vcaneira); Dreweatt-Neate, Newbury