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Jonathan Lowe Chetham
J.R. & F. Chetham

The Chetham family was long established in Staffordshire, starting with Chetham & Woolley as early as 1796, then Ann Chetham, Chetham & Robinson, and eventually Jonathan Lowe Chetham who is listed at Commerce Street, Longton, in directories between 1841 and 1862. He was succeeded in turn by J.R. & F. Chetham who survived in directories until 1869. Godden gives Jonathan Lowe Chetham's dates as 1841-62 and J.R. & F. Chetham as 1846-69 (note the overlap, the earlier date possibly a typographical error).

Chetham made transferware but only one relief-moulded jug has been recorded. The simple impressed surname could relate to either of the two later firms.

"Epsom Cup"
Design not registered. The example on the left bears the impressed name mark illustrated below, the coloured jug is unmarked.
Marks: impressed "CHETHAM" (rare)
Illustrations: Henrywood RMJ/258

Credits: Helen Hallesey; Rita's Bazaar