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Burgess & Leigh

Burgess & Leigh was a long-lived firm which first appeared at Burslem in a directory for 1862. The style Burgess, Leigh & Co. appears concurrently between 1868 and 1879. They went on to succeed Samuel Alcock at the Hill Pottery in Burslem (directory 1880) and were active well into the twentieth century. Godden gives their start date as 1862. The firm eventually became Burgess, Dorling & Leigh in 1999.

The firm appears to have made only one relief-moulded jug, registered in 1864.

Giraffe (not titled)
Design registered on 23 March 1864, Parcel 4, Number 172876, by Burgess & Leigh of Burslem.
Marks: moulded registration diamond (the coloured jug shown here bears pattern number 165)
Illustrations: Hughes 2/167


Credits: Howard Crane; Leslie LeFevre-Stratton