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The Brownhills Pottery Co. (Ltd.)

The Brownhills Pottery Co. operated at Brownhills, between Burslem and Tunstall, and is listed in directories from 1872 through to 1896. Godden gives the same dates of 1872-96.

The firm registered a range of wares including two relief-moulded jugs in 1878 and 1882, the latter listing the firm as a limited company.

Herons (not titled)
Design registered on 23 October 1878, Parcel 1, Number 328018, by The Brownhills Pottery Co. of Tunstall.
Marks: moulded registration diamond
Illustrations: Hughes 2/p.109 (Design Registry photo)

Japanese (not titled)
Design registered on 25 July 1882, Parcel 9, Number 383869-71, by The Brownhills Pottery Co. Ltd. of Tunstall.
This design was very popular with jugs made in at least four different shapes but also many other wares including teapots, coffee pots, creamer, plates, cups and saucers, decanters, bread plate, sardine box, biscuit barrel, cheese dome, etc. The registration listed here is predated by date codes of 1880 and 1881 found on many of the wares.
Marks: impressed initials BPCo.; painted pattern number (1469, 1544, 443); moulded registration diamond (uncommon)
Illustrations: Henrywood RMJ/224 and Colour Plate XVII



Credits: Dick Henrywood; Shaun King Antiques; eBay seller hightownf1