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Phillips & Bagster
John Denton Bagster

The partnership between Jacob Phillips and John Denton Bagster  is believed to date from 1818 through to 1823. The directories list Phillips and Bagster at High Street, Hanley, in 1822, and then Bagster alone in 1828. Bagster had died in 1825 but the firm survived until 1828. Godden lists only John Denton Baxter (a common spelling variant) of Hanley, 1823-27.

Animal Hunting (not titled)
Design not published or registered.
Marks: examples are marked Phillips & Bagster or J.D. Bagster on the collar of the dog forming the handle; they also have the maker's name with "Hanley" on the dog collars in the moulding
Illustrations: Henrywood BJ/367; Henrywood RMJ/33 and Colour Plate I; Hughes 1/10; Hughes 2/9; Rumsey 136

A similar jug was made later by William Ridgway & Co. although the animal designs are different. Both designs were possibly the work of the modeller Leonard James Abington.

Design not published or registered.
Marks: moulded mark with title and maker's initials IDB
Illustrations: Henrywood RMJ/34-35; Rumsey 40


Credits: Dreweatt-Neate, Newbury