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William Adams (& Co.) (& Sons)

The firm founded by William Adams first appears in a directory of 1781 but there are multiple entries thereafter with works in Burslem, Cobridge, Stoke and Tunstall. Godden gives the start date as 1769. The Adams firm was eventually taken over by Wedgwood, and Furniss & Wagner date the final demise of the Adams business as 1998.

Only one relief-moulded jug has been recorded by Adams, a naturalistic design made by other potters. Godden states that the simple impressed mark "ADAMS" was used until 1864 on general earthenwares.

Oak (not titled)
Design not registered.
Marks: impressed "ADAMS"

The same design is known by other potters; marked examples have been recorded by T.J. & J. Mayer and Edward Walley and it was probably also made by Cork & Edge amongst others.

Credits: Ruth Kelly (Amulet Art and Antiques)