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Numbered Transferware Patterns of the Goodwin firms

Dick Henrywood

The history of the Goodwin firms of Longton in Staffordshire is complex. The partnership names changed frequently and tracing the sequence would require detailed research but the following might be a rough guide:

Goodwin & Orton
Goodwin, Bridgwood & Orton (Godden gives 1827-29)
Goodwins, Bridgwood & Orton (directory 1828)
Goodwins, Bridgwood & Co.
Goodwin, Bridgwood & Harris (directory 1830) (Godden and Cushion both give 1829-31)
Goodwins & Harris (directories 1834-35) (Godden and Cushion both give c.1831-38)
Harris & Goodwins (directories 1834-35, china)
Goodwin, Harris & Goodwin
Goodwins & Ellis
Goodwin & Ellis (Godden gives c.1839-40)
John Goodwin (directories 1846-51) (registered designs 30 June and 16 December 1846)
Note the potential confusion with the singular Goodwin and plural Goodwins.

The factory produced a range of transferware patterns and at some stage, probably in 1830 or 1831, they started to use pattern numbers which appear in their marks. Number 6 must date from 1831 (the coronation of King William IV and Queen Adelaide on September 4th) but that is currently the only definite date. Other commemorative jugs were made in 1830 (the death of King George IV) and 1832 (the dissolution of Parliament) but neither are known with pattern numbers. The pottery was known as the Crown Works, hence possibly the significance of the crown within most marks. Initials recorded in marks noted to date include GBO, GBH, GH, G&H, GH&G, HG (china), and G&E. An impressed mark "GOODWINS & HARRIS" is also known. All images illustrated below have been chosen for clarity and the marks may not necessarily be from the actual examples shown.

3. "British" *
A flower basket design. Not confirmed.
6. King William and Queen Adelaide
Jugs and mugs. A commemorative design for the 1831 coronation.



10. "Imperial Filligree" [sic]

12. Not titled
Jugs (two shapes).

13. Not titled
Dessert wares and teawares.

14. "Burns"
Jugs and mugs. The pattern is covered in detail in Volume Four of The Transferware Recorder. One mark with an incorrect number 13 has been noted.

14. "Champions of Reform"
Mugs. The number 14 conflicts with the "Burns" pattern above.


14. "Champion of Reform"
Plate. Note singular title. Again, the number 14 conflicts with the "Burns" pattern above.

18. "Grecian"
Teawares. The pattern number is often omitted from the mark.

19. "Lace Flowers" *
Dinner wares. Title and pattern number not confirmed.
30 (?). Shepherdesses (not titled)
Teawares. The pattern number is unclear and not confirmed. Owner of images not known.

38. "Grecian Vase" or "Grecian Vases"
Goodwin(s) & Ellis. The mark is known with the pattern number and singular title, and without the Pattern number with plural title but with trade name "IMPERIAL STONE" beneath. Image needed.


As supplementary information, a selection of the factory's non-numbered patterns are shown below. The commemorative design for the Death of King George IV can be dated to 1830 whereas the Dissolution of Parliament would date to 1832.

No number. Death of King George IV
Jugs. King George IV died on 26 June 1830.

No number. Dissolution of Parliament
Jugs and mugs. Following the 1832 Reform Act, Parliament was dissolved on 3 December 1832. Image of mark needed.



No number. "Chinese Scenery"
Jugs, footbath.

No number. Floral (not titled)

No number. Lady Harpist (not titled)
Children's plates. Impressed mark "GOODWINS & HARRIS".
No number. Lover's Knot (not titled)
Children's plates.
No number. "Byron Gallery"
Dinner wares. Scenes based on the works of Lord Byron. The series is covered in detail in Volume Four of The Transferware Recorder.

No number. "Metropolitan Scenery"
Dinner wares. Views of London and its surroundings. The series is covered in detail in Volume Three of The Transferware Recorder.

With thanks to everyone who has contributed information, and particularly for images included above:

Su Barnett; Claire Blakey; Neil Richard Gibbons; Andrew Hilton; Richard Maskell; Nic Saintey; Terry Neale-Sheppard;
Andrew Pye; Paul Rosenberg (Moorabool Antique Galleries); also auctioneers Bearnes, Hampton & Littlewood;
Dreweatt-Neate; Historical and Collectable; and Toovey's.

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