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Numbered Transferware Patterns of the Everard firms

Dick Henrywood

As with several of the smaller potters, the history of the Everard firms of Longton in Staffordshire is not straightforward. The sequence of partnerships would appear to be:
Everard, Colclough & Townsend (Godden c.1837-45, directory 1841, partnership dissolved 1 July 1845)
Everard & Glover (Godden c.1846, directory 1846)
Everard, Glover & Colclough (Godden c.1847, Cushion c.1847)
Everard, George (directory 1850)
Glover & Colclough (directories 1850-54)

The factory produced a range of transferware patterns and tended to use pattern numbers in their marks. Jugs of various shapes appear to predominate. Initials recorded in marks noted to date include EC&T, E&G, EG&C and G&E, the latter previously unrecorded and presumably indicating a partnership of Glover & Everard. All images illustrated below have been chosen for clarity and the marks may not necessarily be from the actual examples shown.

1. "Birds of Paradise"
Octagonal jug. Image of mark needed. Reissued as number 36 (see below).
4. "Passion"

12. "Marble"
Jugs. Teawares. A later mark is different in design and features initials EG& C, image needed.

14. "British Lakes"

17. "Plenty"

17. "Plenty"
Other side of jug.
18. Not titled
Teawares. Note the initials EG&C for Everard, Glover & Colclough.

36. "Birds of Paradise"
Jug. Reissue of number 1 (see above). Note the initials G&E, presumably for Glover & Everard (unrecorded)

No number. "Chinese Temple"
Jugs. The mark is known with initials EC&T or E&G. Images of marks needed.

No number. "Victoria"
Commemorative jug. Marked with initials G&E, presumably for Glover & Everard (unrecorded)


With thanks to everyone who has contributed information, and particularly for images included above:

Steve Birks (; Les Hughes; Richard Maskell; Judie Siddall.

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