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Numbered Transferware Patterns of the Elkin and Knight firms

Dick Henrywood

Various firms used pattern numbers on their transfer-printed wares and separate articles cover those used by William Smith & Co. of Stockton, the Goodwin firms of Longton, the Everard firms of Longton, the Hackwood firms of Shelton and Hanley, and the Deakin Partnerships of Lane End. The Elkin and Knight firms of the Foley Potteries at Fenton also used a numbering scheme although records are currently sparse. The partnerships and/or trading names seemed to change quite regularly, particularly in the earlier days, but the sequence would appear to be:
Elkin, Knight & Elkin (Directories 1822)
Elkin, Knight & Co. (Dictionary 1822-36)
Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood (Dictionary 1827-40)
Elkins, Knight & Bridgwood (Directory 1830)
Knight, Elkin & Bridgwood (Directory 1834  and Dictionary 1829-40)
Knight, Elkin & Co. (Dictionary 1826-46 and Directories 1835, 1841)
Knight & Elkin (Dictionary 1826-46)
John King Knight (Directories 1850, 1851)
Joseph Knight (Directories 1860-68)
The dates quoted are either from contemporary directories or from Coysh & Henrywood's Dictionary of Blue & White Printed Pottery. There are clear inconsistencies and further research is needed.
The partnership of Elkin & Newbon of Stafford Street Longton appears to be a separate enterprise.
The list of pattern numbers below is not remotely comprehensive and there must be many more examples to be recorded. The succeeding Wileman firms are believed to have continued the pattern numbering sequence. Contributions from other collectors would be most welcome.

2. Not titled
Elkin & Co.



3. Not titled
Elkin's & Co.


5. Not titled
Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood

Teawares. Image required.

6. Not titled
Attributed to Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood

Teawares, jug (see opposite).

6. Not titled
Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood

Printed mark from matching jug with no pattern number but maker's initials for Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood.

7. Not titled
Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood

Teawares. Sheet pattern of birds, flowers and leaves. Image required

  11. Not titled
Attributed to Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood (see "No.6" above)

17. Archery (not titled)
Elkin, Knight & Bridgwood.

Children's teawares. The pattern number is not always present.

20. Not titled
Knight, Elkin & Bridgwood
Coloured Japan-style pattern. Teawares.

24. "Guitar"
Knight, Elkin & Bridgwood
Teawares. Image needed.

26. "Labor Omnia Vincit"
Probably Knight, Elkin & Co.
Dinner wares. Images needed. A number found on some examples of the pattern "Hannibal Passing the Alps".

  35. "Moss-Rose"
Knight, Elkin & Bridgwood
Jug. Illustrated in Coysh 1/41. Images needed.

46. Not titled
Knight, Elkin & Co.
Coloured Japan-style pattern, same as No.47? Dinner or tea wares.

47. Not titled
Knight, Elkin & Co.
Coloured Japan-style pattern, same as No.46? Mug.

48. Not titled
Knight, Elkin & Co.
Coloured Japan-style pattern.

55. "Nankin"
J.K. Knight (and Henry Wileman)
Coloured chinoiserie pattern. The same mark is known but with the name "H. WILEMAN" replacing "J.K. KNIGHT".

Other patterns are known without any numbers, including "Bouquet (KE&Co), "Canton Views" (EKB), "Chinese Fountains" (EKB), "Chinese Pagoda" (EKB), "Cologne" (EKB), "De Fete" (KE&Co), "Dead Game" (KE&Co), "Etruscan" (EKB), "Hannibal Passing the Alps" (KE&Co), "Indian Temple" (EKB), "Oriental Vase" (KE&Co), "Pennsylvania" (KE&Co), "Trophy", "Warwick Vase" (E&Co), the "Baronial Halls" series (KE&Co.), the "Irish Scenery" series (Elkins & Co), the Rock Cartouche series (Elkin, Knight & Co), and the "Scripture Illustrations" series (KEB). Images will be added below as time permits and they become available.

No Number. "Bouquet"
Knight, Elkin & Co.
Printed dinner wares.



With thanks to everyone who has contributed information, and particularly for images included above:

David Hynds; Richard Maskell; Chris Price.

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