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Relief-Moulded Jugs

This area is intended to feature aspects of relief-moulded jugs and will be updated as time permits.

The Mayers of Longport – Relief-Moulded Jugs Design Numbers (Dick Henrywood)

Some of the manufacturers of relief-moulded jugs numbered their wares. Thomas, John & Jos Mayer were not especially prolific, but they did make several interesting designs which are noted for their quality. This is not a comprehensive list and there must be more to be recorded. (click here).

Minton of Stoke – Relief-Moulded Wares Design Numbers (Dick Henrywood)

The famous Minton firm of Stoke produced a wide range of relief-moulded jugs and related wares and used a numbering system which covered most of them. A preliminary list of such numbers has been assembled but it must be emphasized that the numbers run to more than 500 and there is much information not currently known. This list is very much a work in progress and changes will be incorporated as new information becomes available. It is also intended to add images although that will take time. Contributions of new or amended information and (particularly) good images would be very welcome. This is emphatically not a comprehensive list and there must be many more numbers to be recorded. (click here).

Page created November 2021. Last updated 14 November 2021.

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